Seedy Saturday at Toronto botanical Gardenimg_4104


Seedy Saturdays are events that take place where you can learn about seeds, exchange seeds (the objective being to keep great organic/heirloom seeds for the future by planting/growing them, then saving the seeds and bringing them back to future seed exchanges), buy seeds and much more related to vegetable gardening, gardening, trees and the like.

This was my first gardening event this year, and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one.img_4139

Event Booths
Typically I try to have a look at every booth topic/purpose at a very high level; and then engage with the booth material and people manning the booths to learn more about anything I find interesting. But do what works for you I know most people have a system in booth type events – perimeter then inside, or snake through each aisle or other.

Of the 27 participants in the booths I engaged with a good eight and my hubby with about five. I focused on:

  • all the seeds available – there are so many, some are regular seeds, many are heirloom – the interesting part is that there are so many more varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits that we don’t see at grocery stores
  • information and supplies for starting plants from seeds
  • natural pesticides and fertilizers for my vegetable gardens
  • improving soil naturally with compost and by helping worms
  • attracting bees, birds and other pollinators
  • interesting gardening tools, supplies, products and edible stuffimg_4129


Seedy Saturday Events normally have interesting presentations/ sessions/talks.  Today it did not work out for me or my hubby to take turns attending the sessions. These were the sessions they had throughout the day:img_4121

What was good about today’s event?

  • Location – good with lots of parking
  • Venue – quite nice, good washrooms, the gift shop is nice , food and drinks from two vendors with foods and desserts and some seats to eat/rest.  It even has a nice private library based on gardening and the like
  • Booths/Participants – good number, good variety
  • Children’s programs – great centre, with various activities

What could have been better about today’s event?

  • a few more seats for a few more people to eat/rest at the same time

What were your highlights?

  • Speaking with Sentimental Farm owners Rob and Chris – they have cool workshops at their farm on homesteading that they hold at their farm in Grimsby, ON
  • Learning about some Mohawk seeds that they have been planting for such a long time that we can purchase
  • Checking out some seed planting tools and natural products for gardens
  • A neat list of what to feed worms and what not to feed worms
  • An easy to skim list of annuals and perennials to choose to attract pollinators
  • buying the small honey sticks that we enjoy so much honey-products
  • Taking turns hanging out with my daughter in the TBG children’s centre – my daughter made a seed ball, checked out the fish, played with stuffed animals, dinosaurs and fake food and rolled around on the mats
  • Being outside in the gardens for my daughter to walk, run and have some physical fun before getting in the car and heading home for nap time img_4152

Would you go again?

  • Yes and I would and I would arrive earlier to have more time with the participants and attend at least one presentation/talk

Would you recommend it?

  • Yes I recommend anyone starting their own vegetable garden, especially if starting some plants from seeds or interested in Toronto, ontario trees, plants or flowers to attend

Are there gardening events you’ve attended you would do again or recommend?