Where to Get Seeds

The first place I usually start when ordering my seeds is the OSC Seeds catalogue; then Seedy Saturday events in February and March, then garden/nursery retailers and last the seasonal pop-up garden centres –  in case there are interesting organic seeds.

  1. A Seed Vendor – order a catalogue from a seed vendor; choose organic or heirloom seeds
  2. A Seedy Saturday Event – go to a seedy Saturday event for seed information and your seeds – there are so many seeds for exchange, for purchase from local growers and the majority are organic or heirloom
  3. A Garden/Nursery Retailer – visit local garden/nursery retailers – three I can get to within 5-20 minutes without traffic in Toronto are: Terra Greenhouses, Plant World, Sheridan Nurseries and Islington Nurseries
  4. A Seasonal Pop Up Garden Centres – at times they can have a good variety, with some organic included

For 2017 This is How I Picked My Seeds.

Because I’m comfortable with my OSC catalogue I reviewed the organic seeds lists, picked what I wanted to add to my garden this year and ordered them online through the OSC website.

Here is my catalog, it’s one I’m used to and they are quick to ship (however, for next year I will pick up my seeds from one or a bit from each one of the seedy Saturday events because they have so many local growers, that I can purchase from and ask questions regarding the seeds)

  • When my shipment arrives, it is so exciting, I get to open my package and check my order.seeds-package
  • I then like to organize them in the order I need to start themseeds-organized-by-time to sow
  • I like to check the package and track them in excel, so that I have a one page cheat sheet of the details for all my seeds
  • Right now this is what I’m going to work on starting, based on the package instructions:
    • Indoors late February – peppers, eggplant
    • Outdoors in March – beets, carrots
    • Indoors in March – tomatoes
    • Outdoors in April – lettuce, spinach, cilantro, carrot, pea, radish
    • Indoors in April – onion, broccoli
    • Outdoors in May – watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, chicory, corn, cucumber, zucchini, bush bean


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Have you found any good heirloom or organic seeds somewhere else?