This is my second Seedy Saturday Event of 2017

  • Seedy Saturdays are events where you can learn about seeds, exchange seeds and much more

Brampton’s Annual Seedy Saturday and Garden Show took place on Saturday March 11, 2017, and is in its 5th year.

  • It was hosted by The Brampton Horticultural Society and the City of Brampton
  • And it was supported by Seeds of Diversity

This is how it was advertised.

Saturday March 11, 2017          10 to 3
Century Gardens Recreation Centre, 340 Vodden St E
Brampton, ON

The Brampton Horticultural Society and the City of Brampton presents their fifth Annual Seedy Saturday.

*Share, swap and buy seeds; glean info from exhibits and presentations; create gardening communities.

*Environmental and Conservation groups.

*Seed and related vendors

*Kids’ zone and Seedy Café.

*First 100 visitors receive a free plant.

*Supported by Seeds of Diversity

I was attracted to the event because of the Kids’ Zone, the groups the mentioned and of course the seeds.



Event Booths
So this event had a lot more booths than I expected – approximately 60, it was in an interesting venue, Century Gardens Recreation Centre, that I had not been to before and the group booths were interesting and diverse.

I engaged with a good number of booths, these were some:

  • the items at this booth were quite nice
  • The Albion Hills CSA sounded really interesting, you can sign up for a CSA share for $30 a week and go out and pick it up yourself or they will deliver to some points in GTA for you to pick up from


  • This booth was great, they taught me how to make my own seed pot from newspaper with a small wooden tool you can buy at garden


  • I bought some organic squash seeds from this vendor (Seed Savers exchange) ; they are edible and if you want decorative squash you leave them on to dry
  • This booth had a bunch of interesting and useful literature on so many topics – magazines, books and pamphlets
  • This was different, Yucca seeds.  I asked if it was actually yucca/cassava  and she said yes.  I asked if they can actually grow here in GTA, Ontario and she said they can.  But I’m more of a doubting Thomas, so I would need to see this too believe it
  • Some more booths
  • honey products (crayons, candles and more), stacked worm compost bins and seeds


  • a club, fertilizer and interesting seeds…


These were the sessions they had throughout the day:


Why attend next year?

  • Location – good with lots of parking
  • Venue – quite nice, good washrooms
  • Booths/Participants – good number, good variety
  • Children’s programs – great, with interesting activities and information for children to engage with related to gardening and nature

What could have been better about today’s event?

  • the layout was a bit off, it would have been less tight if they spread out the aisles a bit more – at quite a few points there was quite a bit of gentle bumping because of the layout
  • Plus the seminars were right in the same room, so that section with seats were taking up a good amount of space, which again reduced the area of booths and made things a bit tight to get through and appreciate the booth content


  • I really enjoyed so many of the booths
  • I learned about upcoming events
  • The great Kid’s ZoneIMG_4283 (1)
    • Natalia made a little animal with a cone, features, shapes and glue
    • She got to play with plastic insects
    • She got to smell and touch some herbs
    • She got a bunch of cool sheets to colour, of flowers, insects, ladybugs and more
    • She got a cool colouring book about nature
    • She coloured off a stencil of a spider and leaf and hung the leaf up on their makeshift tree
    • She got a Canadian Wildlife Federation poster of animals of her choice –  “we” chose snakes

Would you go again?

  • Yes, this event felt more “grass roots”, had many booths and had diverse group/club booths

Would you recommend it?

  • Yes, again for people starting their own vegetable garden or interested in trees, plants, flowers and nature

Are there any gardening events you’ve attended you would attend again or recommend?