They Come Back Stong, and on Their Own,  Year After Year

Plants can be annual, biennial or perennial.  They are classified this way because of how long they live:

  • Annuals – live one growing season, produce seeds then die
  • Biennials – live for two growing seasons, produce seeds then die
  • Perennials – live more than two years

Perennials are great.  You make the effort one year and they can come back for more than two years all on their own.   You still have pay attention and provide some care, but the bulk of the work is in year one – and even that is minimal with chives.

Chives are part of the liliaceae plant family.

Benefits of Perennials Like Chives

For a list and more detail on all the benefits of perennials, check out Dawn Giffor’s website Small Footprint Family. The benefits I have seen over the past three years with my chives in a container are:

  • they do not require a lot of maintenance (I may divide my chives late summer or fall this year because they are very tight in the container right now)
  • unlike many annuals who require the warmth of summer, chives are cold hardy so they extend the season before and after summer ( I will be harvesting some chives for our meals already this month, April)
  • they can be ornamental (the picture of the chives in the featured heading image are my chives – I think they are pretty because they are a deep green and when they flower late summer/fall they have tiny purple flowers) and help with pollination of crops and wild plants

Drawbacks of Perennials like chives

For a full list and details on perennial drawbacks have a look at this website Small Footprint Family by Dawn Gifford.

My chives do not have any drawbacks.  I’ve had them for three years now and they are just great.  They come out early, they require no maintenance, they are are pretty; and they are so good on baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, soups and so much more.

Chives are one of my favourite perennials.

Do you have a favourite perennial that has worked well for you?


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