Vegetable Gardening


Sow2share is a blog about vegetable gardening in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I, Gladys Miranda, was raised in Toronto since the age of 4.  I love our Canadian seasons, they  make vegetable gardening trickier, yet so interesting.  For example I’ve learned about  techniques to start the season early and extend the season later, plus trying to keep Jack Frost from touching my gardens is a fun game, that I don’t always win.

My transition to vegetable gardening happened gradually.  I think it went like this:

  • from that bean we grew in elementary school
  • to watering tomatoes one by one for my mom’s tomato garden as a teenager
  • to landscaping for petty cash in my 20s and 30s
  • to learning about The Green Revolution in Latin America at York U from Professor Canel
  • to full on lover of growing my own vegetables, fruits and herbs

When I get a good harvest, I like to share it with my families:  nuclear family (my husband and daughter), my extended family (7 siblings, their families, and my mom), and my family of friends made up of a great mix of old and new ones).

My mother finds it so entertaining that I love vegetable gardening, because she feels I’ve gone back to my roots, unintentionally –  which started in Lenta, Provincia del Azuay, Ecuador.

Today, I love vegetable gardening  and I try and get out there every chance I get.  Seriously if I could get paid to vegetable garden, I would be out there all spring, summer and fall – and if I had a greenhouse or greenhouses, well I would be there year round.  Maybe someday I will.

For now I will share what I know and have learned over the past seven years with you, to help you get started with your vegetable garden, so that maybe you too will get the rush of eating fresh food sown by you and the joy of sharing it with your loved ones.